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The Complete Drinking Chocolate Kit


A dream kit for the drinking chocolate aficionado to keep them cozy and satisfied—at least until they run out! 

The Complete Drinking Chocolate Kit comes neatly packed in our signature blue and silver gift box and includes:

8 ounces of Drinking Chocolate — Up their hot cocoa game with our European-style drinking chocolate. Made of rich, single-origin Nicaraguan dark chocolate (not cocoa powder) and organic cane sugar, this drink will take them somewhere divine. Recipes for 3 different styles of preparation are included on the back.

Honey Marshmallows — Made by our friends at Malvi, this pack of 5 fluffy cubes of marshmallow delight, flavored with honey, will melt slowly into that perfect pool of steaming chocolate.

3 ounces of Divine Tea — This unique, loose leaf, herbal cacao tea made of roasted cacao husks and tiny bits of nibs is antioxidant-rich and delicious. The flavor is earthy and light when brewed with no sugar. Add a touch of sweetener and milk and the aromas of chocolate emerge. Makes 17 cups. Low caffeine.

Peru 70% Single-Origin Bar — A twice-award winning, single-origin dark chocolate bar made of only two ingredients -- organic cacao and organic cane sugar, but full of terroir-driven flavor. Natural notes of jammy fruits and baking spices poke through the deeply chocolate body for a truly satisfying taste experience.

10-ounce capacity Bistro Mug — Make sure they remember to drink their daily chocolate with this playful white mug depicting a cacao pod!

All items in this kit are dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. Honey marshmallows contain gelatin and honey. 

The gift box is enveloped in a thick, royal blue paper sleeve with our logo stamped in silver foil. You can add a bow over our logo to keep them guessing, or present it exactly as is. The box underneath the sleeve is unbranded so that it can be repurposed indefinitely instead of thrown away.