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Wonderfully Various Chocolate Surprise!

Wonderfully Various Chocolate Surprise!

$65.00 $75.00

At our Krog Street Market Chocolate Micro-Factory we sell chocolate and confections made by national and international craft makers alongside our own chocolate because we know that a rising tide floats all boats. Rather than competing against these other artisans, we are excited to highlight their exceptional craftsmanship and introduce them to our customers in Atlanta—especially those that, due to their size or location, are really hard to come by. Now, we're excited to offer these chocolates to our online customers too, in rotating sets our staff happily curate.

How It Works

You pay us $65.

We put together a minimum of $75 worth of chocolate and confections and ship it to you!

We're giving you more chocolate than you are paying for because the faster we turn over our inventory of deliciousness from other makers, the more frequently we can put in new orders with them and help our fellow small businesses who are also working hard through these challenging times.

Each Wonderfully Various Chocolate Surprise! will include some of our own products along with the other makers. The WVCS! is best for people who delight in surprises and walk the world with confidence that people are going to treat them honestly. Chocolate from other makers may include dairy, nuts, and/or soy but they are ALWAYS made by craft makers we're proud to carry. If you have a special request, please tell us in the "Order Notes" section at checkout and we'll do our best to accommodate.