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Xocolatl Award Winners Box


For when only the critically-acclaimed will do! This assortment contains all of our award winners for a sure-fire hit and comes neatly packed in our beautiful blue and silver gift box for easy gifting.


Kissed Mermaids (Coconut Milk Dark Chocolate Bar w/ Vanilla Sea Salt & Nibs) — UK Academy of Chocolate Bronze Award

Love and Happiness (Dark Chocolate Bar w/ Blood Orange & Raspberry) — UK Academy of Chocolate Silver Award

San Martin de Pangoa, Peru 70% - A Good Food Awards Winner and a Silver Medalist at the UK Academy of Chocolate. Flavor notes: dark, jammy fruits, baking spices.

Ripple Effect (Blood Orange & Raspberry Dark Chocolate w/ Smoked Nibs) — Good Food Awards Winner

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread — UK Academy of Chocolate Bronze Award

Single-Origin Drinking Chocolate — UK Academy of Chocolate Bronze Award

Other Information

All items in this set are dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. Chocolate Hazelnut Spread contains hazelnuts.

The gift box is enveloped in a thick, royal blue paper sleeve with our logo stamped in silver foil. You can add a bow over our logo to keep them guessing, or present it exactly as is. The box underneath the sleeve is unbranded so that it can be repurposed indefinitely instead of thrown away.