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Pure 100% Dark Chocolate


Our Pure 100% Dark Chocolate bar is made of only one ingredient— delicate, fine flavor cacao from the biodiverse highland forests surrounding Matagalpa, Nicaragua. That's it. We only source premium cacao beans that have delicious, terroir-driven flavor profiles and in this bar we have added NO sugar or sweeteners of any kind so that the flavor of this bar offers an authentic cacao experience that's as pure as it gets.

Without the addition of any added sugars, this 100% dark chocolate bar is more savory than sweet and infinitely more interesting and complex in flavor than a 100% bar meant for baking. If bitter arugula, black coffee or unsweetened tea are regularly on your table, this bar may be for you.

Interested in a flavor experiment? Purchase this bar alongside its companion bar--our 72% Matagalpa, Nicaragua Dark Chocolate Bar. Made from the same cacao but with a touch of organic cane sugar, the 72% version contains the same complexity as our Pure bar, but offers a sophisticated sweetness for a little culinary compare and contrast.

Flavor Notes

Intense, dark and bitter but with a hidden floral sweetness natural to the Nicaraguan beans we use. This is not the baking chocolate in the pantry you bit into as a child--while bitter, this bar also has complex notes of cocoa, purple berries and flowers.

Pairs Well With

Savory pastes like tahini, roasted nuts, dessert wines & indomitable spirits.

Origin Information

Direct-sourced from Cacao Bisiesto, a boutique cacao company that purchases beans from surrounding small-holder farmers in the highlands of Nicaragua in order to centrally ferment, dry, and internationally market these fine flavor beans.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Cacao only.

Dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.