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San Martin De Pangoa, Peru 85% Dark Chocolate


Our San Martin de Pangoa, Peru 85% Dark Chocolate Bar is truly for the dark chocolate connoisseur--the one who can perceive a world of flavor in every small, exploratory bite. Crafted from native, organic cacao varietals grown for generations by family farmers in the Upper Amazon region of Peru, this high cocoa content dark chocolate bar explodes with bright, citrusy flavors balanced out by a smooth and creamy body. We directly source these premium cacao beans with their delicious, terroir-driven flavor profile, then add only organic cocoa butter and just enough organic cane sugar to bring out the best expression of that profile.

For a deeper investigation into this Peruvian cacao flavor profile, try the companion bar for comparison and contrast -- our San Martin de Pangoa, Peru 70% Dark Chocolate Bar. The 70% version contains a bit more sugar, which mellows the tart, citrusy flavor notes present in our 85% bar into a jammy, berry fruit flavor. Tasting the two side by side is its own culinary class in appreciating the impact a little more or a little less sugar has on chocolate flavor.

Learn more! Our Peruvian chocolate, the organic cacao in it and the people who grow it are featured in the internationally produced documentary: "Setting The Bar: A Craft Chocolate Origin Story," available to stream in the US on Vimeo.

Flavor Notes

Intense dark cocoa balanced with a creamy body, a little minerality and subtle fruit and floral notes. Medium-high complexity with a long finish.

Pairs Well With

Black coffee, neat whiskey, savory dishes, the wisdom gained from a thought-driven life.

Origin Information

Direct-sourced from CAC Pangoa, a coffee and cacao farmers cooperative that is organic and fair-trade certified in the Upper Amazon of Peru.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Organic cacao, organic cane sugar.

Dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.