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Pure 100%


This Single Origin bar is made of only one ingredient--Nicaraguan cacao. That's it. We source premium cacao beans that have delicious, terroir-driven flavor profiles and in this bar we have added NO sugar or sweeteners of any kind.

Flavor Notes: Intense, dark and bitter but with a hidden floral sweetness natural to the Nicaraguan beans we use. This is not the baking chocolate in the pantry you bit into as a child--while bitter, this bar also has complex notes of cocoa, purple berries and flowers.

Pairs Well With: savory pastes like tahini, roasted nuts, dry red wine & indomitable spirits.

Origin Information: Direct-sourced from Cacao Bisiesto, a boutique cacao company that purchases beans from surrounding small-holder farmers in the highlands of Nicaragua in order to centrally ferment, dry and internationally market these fine flavor beans.

Ingredients: cacao only.