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Whole, Utterly Deluxe, Kit + Kaboodle


When everyone's coming over or when you've got to stock someone up right, this is the gift to choose. 

Break the whole thing out for a party, hand out particular items to particular folks, or gift it to a singular someone who deserves it all. The fun diversity of items will cover every type of personality or mood.

  • Peru 70% Single-Origin Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Nicaragua 72% Single-Origin Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Tanzania 73% Single-Origin Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Uganda 75% Single-Origin Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Peru 85%  Single-Origin Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Pure 100% Single-Origin Dark Chocolate Bar (contains NO sweeteners of any variety)
  • Kissed Mermaids (coconut milk dark chocolate with vanilla-infused sea salt & nibs)
  • Love & Happiness (dark chocolate with raspberry and blood orange)
  • Wide-Eyed (dark chocolate with coffee and espresso)
  • Go Nuts (dark chocolate with dry-roasted almonds and vanilla-infused sea salt)
  • Ripple Effect (dark chocolate with Applewood-smoked cacao nibs, raspberries and blood orange)
  • Crackle & Crunch (almond-butter dark chocolate with vanilla bean and puffed quinoa crisps)
  • Dark & Salty (80% dark chocolate with sea salt)
  • Commuter (coconut milk and coffee dark chocolate)
  • Single Origin Drinking Chocolate (makes 6 cups)
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (UK Academy of Chocolate Winner)
  • Vanilla-Cacao Extract in Bourbon (bake with it or pour it on your ice cream)
  • Moonlight Through the Pines Trail Mix (for when you need a quick snack)
  • Divine Herbal Cacao Tea (loose leaf cocoa tea full of antioxidants and chocolatey aromas)
  • Bewitching Herbal Cacao Tea (loose leaf cocoa tea blended with a sumptuous, vanilla-mint chai)
  • Roasted Cacao Nibs (an elevated and heart-healthy substitute for chocolate chips or nuts)
Other Information

All items in this collection are soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Some items contain coconut, almond, and/or peanuts.

The gift box is enveloped in a thick, royal blue paper sleeve with our logo stamped in silver foil. You can add a bow over our logo to keep them guessing, or present it exactly as is. The box underneath the sleeve is unbranded so that it can be repurposed indefinitely instead of thrown away.