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A Chocolatey Update In Time for Fall 🍂

Posted by Matt Weyandt on
A Chocolatey Update In Time for Fall 🍂

Hey Friends + Chocolate Lovers,

You may not have noticed, but we just realized it’s been months since we last wrote an update. “What’s been happening over at Xocolatl?” you may have found yourself wondering—and if you have, we’re beyond flattered to know we’ve crossed your mind! Or perhaps you’ve enjoyed a little reprieve over the summer. If so, we hope your summer was filled with joy—maybe even some adventure—and precious moments with the people you love.

While life is definitely not back to normal yet, some patterns reliably march on with the seasons, like the fall resurgence of dark chocolate cravings. “Chocolate cravings are seasonal?” you may be thinking at this very moment. If you find this hard to believe as you eye your resplendent chocolate stash, you are our kind of person but still, 7 years of summer sales numbers tell us a different story. One of summers spent by most people (mostly) drawn to the fruits of the hottest months—fresh watermelon, juicy peaches—instead of dark chocolate. Then, like magic, as temperatures settle into the 70s and leaves bloom scarlet and gold, a breeze lifts up and out the last dog days and thoughts of dark chocolate begin to reemerge.

Suppose you're a squirrel who lucked into these cacao seeds, would you stash them or live in the moment?

If you remember that chocolate is actually made from the seeds (usually called “beans”) of the cacao fruit and that these seeds, once harvested, fermented, and sun-dried are then slow-roasted and ground first into a paste, then into a silky liquid (before we add just enough sugar and real foods as flavor ingredients), this autumnal urge for dark chocolate starts to make sense. A comfort food, made from roasted seeds and sweetened just enough to give you that boost. The perfect object to curl up on the couch with or pair with warming tea or wine.

It’s time for chocolate.

Learn About Our Cacao Origins       Just Take Me to the Chocolate!

Now could be the time to build up your chocolate treasury if it’s gotten low.

Since summer is our slow season, we spend those months busily preparing for the holidays. We just can’t wait to show you what we’ve got lined up in the next few weeks! Oh, and we also signed a lease for a space that is literally 10 times larger than the space we’ve been making chocolate in for the last 7 years. Space planning is underway and as soon as we have broken ground, you'll be the first to know.

Hope you’ve been well— we’ve missed you!

In gratitude,

Elaine + Matt

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