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Sustainable Chocolate: Our Journey to Carbon Neutral Certification

Posted by Matt Weyandt on
Sustainable Chocolate: Our Journey to Carbon Neutral Certification

Xocolatl Chocolate is Climate Neutral Certified by

This milestone is more than a label; it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability and our planet's health.

But, what does it mean? In short, it means our company has taken a big step towards a net-zero future by following a clear, science-based framework for measuring, reducing and offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions. 

Our Sustainability Journey

Elaine and Matt’s son looking out over rainforest on a cacao farm in Nicaragua.


Since our inception, we've embraced eco-friendly practices, from using electric vehicles for local deliveries to sourcing sustainably grown cacao. Here is a brief summary of our sustainability efforts so far:

  • Analyzing Our Impact (2021): In collaboration with Georgia Tech, we conducted a comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis to quantify the greenhouse gas emissions from our chocolate production.

  • Embracing Renewables: Prioritizing clean energy, we procured Renewable Energy Credits to offset 100% of our energy usage with renewable sources.

  • Protecting Forests: In 2022, we invested in 25 tons of carbon credits and an additional 125 tons of carbon credits in 2023 to conserve crucial rainforest habitats in Indonesia and Brazil, ensuring integrity with Pachama's advanced monitoring.

  • Supporting Carbon Capture Initiatives: Collaborating with Climeworks, we've supported the removal of nearly 2,000 kgs of CO2 from the atmosphere, solidifying our commitment to innovative climate solutions.

  • Offsetting Shipping Emissions: Since 2022, we've offset CO2 emissions from online orders, equivalent to over 650,000 miles of shipping.

  • Composting Initiatives: In partnership with CompostNow, over 7,000 pounds of cacao husks and waste have been composted, reducing our landfill contribution and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Every Order Counts: Launching a new initiative, we now purchase carbon credits for every online order, contributing to diverse environmental projects globally.

These milestones culminated in earning Climate Neutral Certification in 2023, marking a significant landmark in our ongoing sustainability journey. 


The Certification Process

After three months of work, we determined that our company-wide carbon footprint for 2022 was 84 tons of CO2 emissions. We invested in 100 tons of carbon credits to protect rainforests and offset those emissions.

Measurement: We worked diligently alongside, leaving no cacao bean unturned in our quest to analyze our carbon footprint. From the inception of our chocolates to the moment they grace your hands, we've accounted for our primary emissions sources.

Reduction Planning: Our strategy for reducing emissions includes transitioning to 100% renewable energy and the implementation of innovative waste reduction techniques. We aren’t patting ourselves on the back yet, as these are future targets. But, we have a plan and we’re actively taking steps towards a more sustainable end.

Compensation: To balance out the emissions we can't entirely eliminate, we've invested in impactful projects like reforestation initiatives and advancements in renewable energy, effectively offsetting our carbon footprint.


Future Commitments

Climeworks plant in Iceland that sucks CO² out of the air, trapping it underground.


This certification is just the beginning. On our roadmap of sustainability, we are planning to:

  • Transition all our packaging to compostable or recyclable materials.

  • Conduct a full Greenhouse Gas Inventory for a clearer picture of our impact.

  • Continuously exploring innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint, going beyond offsetting.

While many would rest on their laurels, calling themselves 'carbon neutral' or even 'carbon negative,' we believe there's always more to do. Our journey is ongoing, and there is no finish line when it comes to sustainability.

As we forge ahead, we promise to keep you informed, involved, and part of every step we take towards a climate-neutral future. Because when you choose Xocolatl, you're not just savoring the finest chocolate - you're joining a movement that cares deeply for our earth.

Visit our Sustainability Page to learn more.

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