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Go Nuts Over Moonlight Through the Pines Trail Mix

Posted by Nicole Rateau on
Go Nuts Over Moonlight Through the Pines Trail Mix
Our scrumptious Moonlight Through the Pines Trail Mix now features locally sourced organic peanuts and pecans.

The peanuts are supplied by the Georgia Organic Peanut Association in Americus, GA, and the pecans are sourced from New Ground Orchards in Athens, GA.

Did you know Georgia is the largest producer of both peanuts and pecans in the U.S.?

Peanut plants being pulled out of the ground

Here are some other fun facts about these Georgia nuts: 

  • Peanuts are nature’s zero-waste plant. Everything from the roots to the hulls is utilized.
  • Peanuts require less water and have the smallest carbon footprint of any nut (peanuts adjust their growing cycle based on available water).
  • Peanut plants have a unique ability to improve the soil. They are nitrogen-fixing, which means they take nitrogen from the air and produce their own in the ground which benefits other crops.
  • Georgia was the world's No. 1 exporter of peanuts and pecans in 2020.
  • Albany, GA is known as the “pecan capital of the world” based on the number of pecan trees in the area. 
  • The name “pecan” is a Native American word of Algonquin origin that was used to describe “nuts requiring a stone to crack.”
  • The handles of the relay torches for the 1996 Summer Olympics, held in Atlanta, were made of pecan wood. The torches were carried in the 15,000-mile relay across the U.S. and in the lighting of the Olympic flame by boxing legend Muhammad Ali in Atlanta on July 19, 1996 to signify the start of the games.

Peanuts and pecans are an excellent healthy source of protein. Both nuts, in addition to dark chocolate, are loaded with antioxidants, essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. So go ahead and indulge!

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