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The BEST Recipe For Homemade Frozen Chocolate Slushies

Posted by Elaine Read on
The BEST Recipe For Homemade Frozen Chocolate Slushies
This recipe is the at-home version of our customer-favorite frozen drinking chocolate.

Literally, the best. We serve up thousands of these frozen chocolate slushies every summer from our little chocolate micro-factory at the Krog Street Market. At the factory, our frozen slushie machine–slowly swirling, mesmerizing–allows us to make batches big enough to get us to the last customer on a hot summer day.

Without one of these handy-dandy slushifiers at home, I’ve been whipping up our famous frozen drinks in much smaller batches at home for our kids and friends, like a secret magician. With the summer heat intensifying every year and love in my heart for all of you, I’m going to share my home recipe, so you can be magic, too.

INGREDIENTS PER SINGLE SERVING (Scale up for more servings):
Important note: Powdered drinking chocolate and cocoa powder are not the same thing! Don’t use cocoa powder. Use our award-winning, single origin drinking chocolate available for purchase on our website or at our store. One pouch will make 6 servings.

  1. Several hours or the night before, freeze 4 oz of milk.
    Tip: you’ll be able to pop the frozen milk out more easily if you pour it into a flexible plastic container like tupperware rather than an ice cube tray. If you’re scaling up the recipe, make several 4 oz milk cubes instead of freezing all the milk into one cube for easier blending.

  2. The day of, pour the remaining 2 oz of milk and the 2 TBS of powdered drinking chocolate into a sauce pan and slowly melt the chocolate on low heat, whisking all the time.

  3. When it’s fully melted, pour the drinking chocolate into a blender with the frozen milk cube and add bourbon if desired.

  4. Blend to a fluffy consistency (add a splash of extra milk or bourbon if your blender needs more liquid) and pour.

  5. Top with whipped cream & sprinkles or shaved chocolate for extra enchantment.

That’s it! Get your powdered drinking chocolate, set aside enough time to freeze the milk, gather the crowd and you’ll be everyone’s favorite.

We’d love it if you tagged us in any photos of fun summer hangouts with this drink (@xocolatlchocolate on instagram). And if you try our recipe and have any modifications you want to share, please leave them in the comments for others to try!

In chocolate + cheer,


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