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Crackle & Crunch Quinoa Chocolate Bar


Sweet almond butter chocolate with loads of real vanilla and popped quinoa crisps spins a deliciously modern and slightly nutty twist on the old childhood crunch bar. Fully plant-based, this almond butter quinoa chocolate bar is made from organic cacao grown by expert family farmers in the Semuliki Forest of western Uganda, organic cane sugar, ground almonds and vanilla bean, with popped quinoa swirled in, then hand-piped into bar form.

Made especially for the young (they'll never guess it's quinoa in their chocolate) and the young at heart (they'll love that it's quinoa in their chocolate) this almond butter and quinoa chocolate bar is a fun and refreshing take on chocolate candy.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Nicaraguan Cacao, Cane Sugar*, Ground Almonds*, Cocoa Butter*, Popped Quinoa*, Vanilla Bean* (*organic)

Dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. Contains almonds.

Cacao Origin Information

Direct-sourced from Cacao Bisiesto, a boutique cacao company that purchases beans from surrounding small-holder farmers in the highlands of Nicaragua in order to centrally ferment, dry, and internationally market these fine flavor beans.