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Single Origin Flight of Five


A flight of five single-origin dark chocolate bars, all with different flavor profiles for the dark chocolate aficionado. Each bar is made of only two ingredients: cacao and just enough cane sugar to draw out the bar's unique flavor notes. 

Every Flight of Five is tied together with a silver belly-band. 


San Martin de Pangoa, Peru 70% - A Good Food Awards Winner and a Silver Medalist at the UK Academy of Chocolate. Flavor notes: dark, jammy fruits, baking spices.

Matagalpa, Nicaragua 72% - A staff favorite, this chocolate made of Nicaraguan cacao has subtle flavor notes of dried dates and violets and a very cocoa-y body.

Kilombero Valley, Tanzania 73% - Tanzanian cacao is known to be bright and fruity and this bar epitomizes that characterization. Flavor notes: berries, tropical fruits, tart cream.

Semuliki Forest, Uganda 75% - With low acidity, this high percentage bar is sweeter than a typical 75% and has a flavor profile of cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom.

San Martin de Pangoa, Peru 85% - The same ingredients as in our 70% bar, but with half the sugar, those jammy fruit notes turn into tart grapes with a creamy body.

Other Information

All chocolates in this set are made of just cacao and cane sugar and are completely dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.

Exciting Alert: We are so honored that The Single Origin Flight of Five was featured in the January issue of The O List. Thank you, Oprah--we love you!