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Single Origin Flight of Five


A flight of five single origin dark chocolate bars, all with different flavor profiles for the dark chocolate aficionado! Each bar is made of only two ingredients--cacao and just enough cane sugar to draw out each bar's unique flavor notes. Want to take the presentation of this set to the next level? Gift box it for just $5!

San Martin de Pangoa, Peru 70% - A 2018 Good Food Awards Winner and a 2018 Silver Medalist at the UK Academy of Chocolate. Flavor notes: dark, jammy fruits, baking spices.

Matagalpa, Nicaragua 72% - A staff favorite, this chocolate made of Nicaraguan cacao has subtle flavor notes of dried dates and violets and a very cocoa-y body.

Kilombero Valley, Tanzania 73% - Tanzanian cacao is known to be bright and fruity and this is no exception! Flavor notes: berries, tropical fruits, tart cream.

Semuliki Forest, Uganda 75% - With low acidity, this high percentage bar is sweeter than a typical 75% and has a flavor profile of cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom.

San Martin de Pangoa, Peru 85% - The same ingredients as in our 70% bar, but with half the sugar, those jammy fruit notes turn into tart grapes with a creamy body.