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A Xocolatl Update #2 (June 5th, 2020)

Posted by Matt Weyandt on
A Xocolatl Update #2 (June 5th, 2020)
Dear Friends & Chocolate Lovers,

 We owe you an enormous thanks for the support you’ve given us since we closed our little store at Krog Street Market in March because of the pandemic. When we told you we were closing our retail operations, we offered you a 20% sale on our online store and asked you to spread the word.  

Knowing our customers, we knew you’d pitch in--out of love for our chocolate, for our little independent business, for our staff or for us.  But we had no idea.  Since we turned the lights off at our store, we’ve shipped out over 1500 packages of chocolate to you and your families and friends--that’s thousands and thousands of chocolate bars in 12 weeks and almost double the total number of packages we shipped in all of 2019!


A family business means we're all chipping in! Plus a few of the thousands of packages of chocolate we've shipped in the past few months.

Your orders have made it possible for us to rehire more than half of our staff and we’re hoping to be able to bring them all back.  You’ve also allowed us to purchase more cacao beans from farmers and more supplies from our vendors and quite frankly, we’ve also given some of what you’ve paid us to charities and relief funds working on alleviating this pain for people who are feeling it worse than us.  

With all of our hearts, thank you.  

We are continuing our sale through Father’s Day and we hope you’ll make use of it before it ends and that you’ll keep telling your friends.  And while our path forward has undoubtedly been easier than that of others, we and other small businesses around the country are still not out of the woods.  Please continue to support your favorite independent businesses online--when you do, your money is spreading further and having a greater positive impact in communities than you might realize and it increases the chances that they’ll reopen their doors.  For those of you in Atlanta, we have some exciting news to share soon.

With love and gratitude,

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